Chibi Seimei

SP 1318


Inspired by Dali and an nod to the surreal. This piece is whimsical, combining both elements of nature (a slick meandering lizard) caught by a vintage watch face scampering over gears as symbols of industry. A piece of wearable art on japanese washi with accents of cubic zirconia and a vintage red crystal, finally encased in resin, in a silver plated bezel and includes a 20 inch silver plated chain necklace.

Dimensions: 24mm x 48mm (1inches x 2 inches)

COVID-19 PANDEMIC UPDATE: PRODUCT WILL BE SANITIZED BEFORE SHIPPING. Due to the pandemic product can only ship within Canada via Canada Post.

This piece is handcrafted by the artist which makes it unique and one of a kind. Once sold the design cannot be replicated due to the random availability of some of the materials. If you would like a similar piece, please request for a custom order.
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