Welcome to Chibi Seimei, located in Ontario, Canada.
Hi, I'm Kathryn Monique Belzunce, thanks so much for visiting my shop. I've been creating jewellery since 2007. I'm shown here in photo with our COI (Company Official Inspiration) Seimei, that's where Chibi Seimei comes from, and who has inspired me to have another special collection.

There are only 2 employees in my company, myself who is the artist and designer and my Dad who is also my business partner and who handles the sales and financial management of the business.

I actually started with paper crafting with japanese origami before I had my jewellery line and I continue to use japanese washi which is nature-themed and gives an endless array of design possibilities in the jewellery that I create.

My inspiration also comes from modern art masters such as Chagall, Kandinsky, and most of all by PIcasso and Braque for their style in fragmentation which influences my industrial Steampunk and whimsical pieces.

I continue to attend George Brown College jewellery program which will allow me to learn advanced skills and techniques in producing jewellery.

I've also taken workshops in precious and base metal clays here in Canada and in the US. After which I have created a line in handcrafted bronze jewellery from Goldie Bronze as well as Hadar's Clay in bronze, copper and steel.

My works have been shown and sold in arts and craft shows such as the Artfest Shows at the Distillery District in Toronto and Kingston from 2012 to 2014 and the Creative Festival in 2012. I also regularly show and sell my work at comic conventions in Toronto, Ottawa, and Calgary since 2007 until the present.

For my bronze jewellery collection, I usually begin with a rough sketch of the piece and then I begin creating the clay templates. I also create my molds from found objects and natural textures. I refine the pieces before firing in the kiln as well as polishing each piece by hand with my professional tools and seal each piece with a jewellery grade sealer.

With the mixed-media Steampunk jewellery line, the background is usually a select piece of japanese washi or artisan marble paper, a charm, vintage watch parts and an accent of a cubic zirconia which are sealed with resin.

I also created a collection inspired by the Victorian-Edwardian era, as well as Retro (1935-1950) and Modern inspired jewellery. Made with semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, and Czech glass beads as well as artisan metal focals which I have created.

My work is handcrafted jewellery focusing on detail oriented unique one-of-a-kind wearable pieces of art. Made of upcycled vintage mix-media materials and found objects. The jewellery I create is aimed at fashion forward and on trend men and women interested in whimsical industrial jewellery.

I hope to see you soon in one of the shows I'll be participating in, and continue to check the shop for new designs and collections I'll be including regularly.