Chibi Seimei

SP 1394


The Victorians were quite creative communicators when propriety forbade them to use plain words. They used ‘Floriography’ or the Language of Flowers, during the Victorian era, flowers gained special meaning and it became popular to use flowers to send secret messages. They even published flower dictionaries to decipher the meanings of these floral communications.

This piece is a nod to this Victorian foible, with a brass rose charm surrounded with vintage watch gears, as the era was also when the Industrial Revolution was in high steam on a background of japanese washi paper finally encased in resin,  in a silver plated bezel and includes a 20 inch silver plated chain necklace.

Dimensions: 43mm x 32mm

This piece is handcrafted by the artist which makes it unique and one of a kind. Once sold the design cannot be replicated due to the random availability of some of the materials. If you would like a similar piece, please request for a custom order.
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