How can Nobium ear wires be a hypoallergenic alternative to Silver?

Posted on January 16 2015

I'm always finding out ways and means by which alternatives and options can be offered to my clients who tell me they have allergies to specific metals that may include silver (i.e. sterling or fine) and even gold.

For instance, with pierced earrings the more commonplace skin allergies are with the presence of nickel in ear wires.* So I've researched and looked for solutions for those with metal sensitivities, to enjoy design pieces that may include mixed metals.

It's best to have the earring design distanced from earlobe contact, to minimize the occurence of allergic reactions.

Thus, creating a barrier of sorts between a base metal (i.e. bronze, copper or brass) and the earlobe.
It is often recommended that precious metals such as silver, gold or gold-filled be used for ear wires to minimize or avoid metal allergies. So, for this reason I only use Sterling Silver ear wires in my earring designs.

However, for the more sensitive to metal allergies even with silver and gold. Nobium ear wires may be the better alternative as Nobium is hypoallergenic, and allergies to it are quite rare.

Nobium is a sturdy metal, but it is recommended that it is treated gently. It can be cleaned by soap and water and dried softly by a towel.

Handcrafted Mix Metal Coil earrings with Swarovski and Sterling Silver ear wires

The metal Nobium was discovered in the 17th century and is represented in the periodic table as Nb. It is difficult to refine, quite malleable and considered a rare and semi-precious metal.

The reason it is best for those with metal allergies, is that it is physiologically inert and therefore hypoallergenic.

Thus far, a highly recommended alternative to Sterling Silver ear wires for those who suffer a metal allergy to silver or even gold is Nobium. We offer this option which you can ask for as an easy replacement for the Sterling Silver ear wire.

Further, to one previous article, one way to minimize metal allergies is to provide a barrier between the metal causing the allergic reaction. One idea is to coat the metal with a resin or a clear nail polish, which may need some re-coating every so often for maintenance.

Handcrafted Bronze Heart earrings with Swarovski and Sterling Silver ear wires

Gold-filled ear wires may also be another choice to those sensitive to certain metals. However, those who aresensitive to even gold ear wires might want to consider Nobium for their hypoallergenic quality.

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